Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BEC divided,where do we go from here?

A reflection on being evicted from a divided BEC

Let's call our group "Togetherness in building a caring Community"(TBC) of Taman Senangan

The recent forced BEC division and the delineation of the new boundaries had taken a major toll on many of us who were so attached to our BEC. Although we, who opposed the move, are the majority but we have been literally chased out to make way for the minority to take over and even tell PP that they are hurt and not ready to accept us. Despite our numerous attempts to convince our PP, he was adamant and succeeded to divide our BEC by dubious means.

We are now more than convinced that he is not going to listen to us or see our point of view. We are hurt by his actions of trying to paint us as the culprits in this whole fiasco. We are deeply hurt and tempted to react with anger and hate but this we must restrain at all costs. This may be a trying time for us but let’s take it in a stride and face the challenge as Christ would have done so, with love and forgiveness.

Where do we go from here now that our BEC is split and we are branded as the culprits? There are five possibilities:

1. To accept the division and go along with PP and SF – in accordance with the “rule of obedience”

2. Give up the fight, boycott NBVM and go elsewhere for mass

3. Revenge for what PP and SF have done to us

4. Ignore everything and go on as nothing had happened

5. Do not accept in principle the division but continue to press for an amicable solution by peaceful means until we succeed.

After much prayer and reflection I suggest we choose option 5, which is to continue our struggle for justice for us and our BEC in a peaceful way without anger and hate. We should strongly oppose our BEC to be spilt in the manner it was done, high-handedly without consultation whatsoever. We should continue with our pressure until the PP and SF realize their folly in dividing the BEC. We may not succeed now but I feel we must try and leave the rest to God as the truth will finally prevail.

This struggle to build a united God’s Kingdom consists of three aspects as follows:

1. Prayer - for the PP, SF and us.

2. Fellowship – strengthen the bonds of love among one another.

3. Charity – reaching out to those in our midst

We must continue doing what God wants of us with great love and commitment, without anger or hatred towards those who dissent, disagree with us and even hurt us. Let us by our example make them realize the value of being together with us as one happy family. We must place our trust in God that He will deliver us out of this mess amicably.

“If we continue to do the right thing, God will always be with us come what may”- Anonymous