Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Tribute to Bro.Santhanasamy

A dedicated soldier of Christ

I got to know the late Bro.Santhanasamy when he was the PPC chairman who got me involved in the annual medical camps he organized in the church. However it was only after his major near fatal accident I got involved with him closely because of the treatment and surgeries he underwent one after another.

He was a God-fearing and righteous man who dedicated much of his life in serving God in the church. He was one of the longest serving PPC chairman of NBVM Butterworth. He worked with so many parish priests during his tenure as PPC Chairman.

He did not have high position or much wealth but he had an unshakable love and faith in God and His church which he believed firmly were instruments to bring peace and goodwill to man. He was also one of the few who did not forget those who helped him when he was down and out. For the little help I gave him during his illness he repaid me with his deep concern and love for me and my family. He was the only one who cared to call me first thing in the morning on every special day to greet me. Today I feel extremely sad that I have lost such a good friend and his phone calls and greetings.
In the short time I knew him, I saw him as one who dared to stand up for what he believed to be right. As a result he could have hurt and angered many among clergy and laity. During the final months of his life when he was inflicted with chronic kidney disease, he used to relate his disappointment over how he was being treated in the church he served for many years. He related how sorry he felt for those he could have hurt in the course of carrying out his job as the PPC chairman. It is only fitting today for each one us today seek his forgiveness for the hurt we may have caused him, forgive him for his misgivings and pray for his eternal rest. Let us also pray for his wife and children, who have been left without a fatherly figure and adopt them into our bigger family of Christ in NBVM.

His ill-health during the final years of his life did not demoralize him but he continued to offer his help in whatever way he could. This spirit of 'never give up' was a great inspiration for me and many others who knew him. Despite undergoing three near death illnesses, he never gave up till the very end. In fact one parish priest even described as the "Miracle man".

I will definitely miss a dear friend and comrade in serving the poor and needy. May God look with mercy and grant him eternal life among His angels and saints.

As for his beloved family, we know what Bro.Santhana meant to you and we understand the deep sense of sorrow you have been inflicted with by his death. We hope and pray you can pick up the pieces and carry on with your lives to continue with the legacy he has left behind.

May he rest in peace

The above was my personal tribute to the late Santhanasamy at his 40th day memorial on 31 May 2016