Monday, March 26, 2018

Holy Week Reflections 2018

Imploring Divine Help 

As we enter the Holy week, let’s pause to reflect on its significance in our own lives today. Holy Week which started with the glorious entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, His last Supper with his disciples, his excruciating death on the cross and finally his glorious resurrection. It is a week of passion, agony and glory that was illustrated by what happened to Jesus over 2000 years ago.
What do all these incidents mean to us today? Jesus taught us some important lessons through his experiences during the Holy Week. These are lessons on courage, humility, forgiveness and glory of victory over death.Jesus used these basic virtues to confront the unjust powers of his time which he finally defeated by his death.
We now live in a world of hypocrisy, where everyone seems to be wearing masks, hiding their true selves. In this world of hypocrisy nothing but money is all that matters, and people are willing to do anything as long as the monetary reward is big enough. Even the strongest and cleanest seem to succumb to the temptations that go into millions and even billions. Very few can resist the temptations of such huge amounts of money which is unprecedented in the history of mankind.
In the Bible we told that Jesus resisted the temptations of the devil who tested him with tremendous money and wealth but as his followers are we strong enough to do that? If only we can have a minute fraction of Christ’s strength, the world we live in will be a better place. 
In our country today and the world at large corruptions seem to be slowly but surely being tolerated as acceptable practices. There little or no concern whatsoever for the poor who are victimized by the rich and powerful. The poor are getting poorer and the rich richer.
As citizens we watch helplessly at this blatant daylight robbery that is making life for the ordinary man extremely difficult with escalating cost of living. There are only two ways left for to try to stop this corruption that is destroying our country.
Firstly the coming 14GE offers us some chance to check this trend that will otherwise destroy our nation.   We have to gain the strength and courage like Jesus to say NO to corruption by not voting for those who indulge in such practices. Let us not be intimidated by their power or succumb to the rewards offered however tempting that may be. Let’s not give in to the greed and selfishness within us.
Secondly at the same time, during this Holy Week, let us put aside our ill-feelings and hatred for one another, forget our differences, interests and problems and come together as one people to invoke God’s help to save our country from ruin. Let’s resort to prayer for divine inspiration, guidance and even His intervention set our country back onto the path to lasting peace, progress and prosperity for all.
Let’s do our duty as peaceful and law-abiding citizens and He will surely be on our side in this battle to right the wrong in our beloved nation.

Blessed Holy week