Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's day 2014

Prayer for Mothers
Lord on this Mother’s Day we offer all the mothers to you. Bless each one them with good health, peace of mind and happiness.

For the younger mothers grant them the energy and vigour to care for their children. Grant them the wisdom to lead their children in the path of righteousness and away from sins. For the older mothers bless them with good and caring children who will be with them in times of their need especially in sickness and dotage

Lord give your special blessing to single mothers who are burdened with bringing up their children all alone without money, without shelter and without the company of helpful relatives and friends.
Also lord shower your blessings abundantly on mothers who are sick and dying. Give them the courage to accept their illness with full trust in your mercy and compassion. Bless mothers who are rejected by their children, those lonely and lingering in nursing homes and those waiting to meet you in death in hospitals and in their homes.

Lord we pray for all the mothers in the world wherever they are and whatever state they may be. Grant them lasting happiness with their loved ones. Mother Mary, you are our heavenly mother and you know the plight of our own mothers on earth. Be with them to guide and guard them always in everything they do.

We ask these through Christ our Lord