Wednesday, July 16, 2014

An Outing with Aunty Mary Rose

Helping to realise a lifetime dream

Yesterday being a public holiday we decided to give a pleasant surprise to Mdm.Mary Rose from the Happy Home in Sg.Dua. She had on previous visits mentioned that it was her dream to visit the St.Anne’s Church in BM during the month of July.She was sad she may not realise that dream in her lifetime as she is sickly and her heath deteriorating by the da. So we decided to take her there on last Tuedday, 15 July, 2014

Mdm. Rose is a 72 year old woman who had been handicapped by a stroke some years back. She has difficulty in walking and needs help to move around. It would be a difficult task to take her to St.Anne in her handicapped state. However Ms.Christina accepted the challenge she took her there in her car all by herself as we were not able to make it on that particular day. When she reached there she helped Aunty Rose get into the old church which is located on a hill, light candles and offer prayers. It was  a tough job but she did willingly with great love.

After that Mdm.Rose was entertained to a banana leaf lunch at Ananda Bahwan Restaurant in Bagan Ajam. Although she could not eat much but ate the little she could heartily. We could see the happiness in her face as she repeatedly thanked Joice and Christina for making her lifetime dream come true. She said she could not believe that such a day will come in her life. It was all like dream.

It is indeed a great blessing to help realise the dream of a sick, old and lonely woman lingering in an old folk’s home. Not many see Jesus in the poor and suffering faces around them, but those who see Him in those faces are really the blessed ones.