Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas 2016 -

 Accepting Jesus into our lives

Christmas is just around the corner and to most of us it may a day of special prayers, joy and celebration with relatives and friends. It is indeed a day of joy and celebration as it commemorates the birth of Jesus more than 2,000 years ago. However considering the humble circumstances of that birth in a stable, far away in the wilderness and in the presence of poor shepherds, it should mean much more to us than just a normal birthday that we celebrate every year. Jesus was not born a prince in a palace but as the son of a poor carpenter in a stable meant for animals.

Christmas is a day to reflect on the real message Jesus was trying to impart to us by his humble birth. He wants us to adopt the virtue of humility in our own lives too. To us, his followers, Christmas is not just a birthday but the coming of Jesus into our lives. It should be a day to re-admit Him into our daily living, interacting with people around us every day.  

Let us not be carried away too much by the external celebration of Christmas but rather look into ways of adopting his values into our lives – humility, compassion and forgiveness. Let us be his instruments of peace and goodwill among men. 

For Christmas to be meaningful we must share the little we have with those who don’t have any.Let us spare a little thought and time for the less fortunate among us who are lonely and longing for our company. Yes, Jesus is waiting for us in disguise. Are we willing accept Him into our lives?

Wishing all a very blessed and Merry Christmas