Sunday, September 04, 2016

Mother Teresa decalred a Saint

 Mother Teresa - The Saint of the gutters

  It is fitting to salute and honor Mother Teresa with sainthood sainthood.However we must not forget that behind all these mammoth celebration and the grandiosity of her canonization, is a little frail woman of great simplicity,humility and great love and compassion for the poor and destitute.

Yes,Mother Teresa of Kolkata may be officially a saint now but she to her poorest of the poor, she was already their living saint of the gutters,the mother of the poor and destitute who lived with them and like them in the most impoverished state in the gutters and slums of Kolkata.She may have gone to help them but in the process became one of them.

Let's not allow her sainthood to alienate us from what she did and stood for in her life.She did not seek monetary gain nor did she seek glory and fame for what she did.All she wanted was to touch the hearts of the poor in whom she saw the face of Jesus. Mother Teresa was the symbol of love for the poor.

The least we can do is try to follow her footsteps in our own little ways,by showing a little concern,compassion and love for the less fortunate among us.As Mother Teresa said,we may not be able to do great things but surely we can do little things with great love.Mother Teresa saw God in the face of every poor she met.The question is whether we too see Him in those in need ?


Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Tribute to Bro.Santhanasamy

A dedicated soldier of Christ

I got to know the late Bro.Santhanasamy when he was the PPC chairman who got me involved in the annual medical camps he organized in the church. However it was only after his major near fatal accident I got involved with him closely because of the treatment and surgeries he underwent one after another.

He was a God-fearing and righteous man who dedicated much of his life in serving God in the church. He was one of the longest serving PPC chairman of NBVM Butterworth. He worked with so many parish priests during his tenure as PPC Chairman.

He did not have high position or much wealth but he had an unshakable love and faith in God and His church which he believed firmly were instruments to bring peace and goodwill to man. He was also one of the few who did not forget those who helped him when he was down and out. For the little help I gave him during his illness he repaid me with his deep concern and love for me and my family. He was the only one who cared to call me first thing in the morning on every special day to greet me. Today I feel extremely sad that I have lost such a good friend and his phone calls and greetings.
In the short time I knew him, I saw him as one who dared to stand up for what he believed to be right. As a result he could have hurt and angered many among clergy and laity. During the final months of his life when he was inflicted with chronic kidney disease, he used to relate his disappointment over how he was being treated in the church he served for many years. He related how sorry he felt for those he could have hurt in the course of carrying out his job as the PPC chairman. It is only fitting today for each one us today seek his forgiveness for the hurt we may have caused him, forgive him for his misgivings and pray for his eternal rest. Let us also pray for his wife and children, who have been left without a fatherly figure and adopt them into our bigger family of Christ in NBVM.

His ill-health during the final years of his life did not demoralize him but he continued to offer his help in whatever way he could. This spirit of 'never give up' was a great inspiration for me and many others who knew him. Despite undergoing three near death illnesses, he never gave up till the very end. In fact one parish priest even described as the "Miracle man".

I will definitely miss a dear friend and comrade in serving the poor and needy. May God look with mercy and grant him eternal life among His angels and saints.

As for his beloved family, we know what Bro.Santhana meant to you and we understand the deep sense of sorrow you have been inflicted with by his death. We hope and pray you can pick up the pieces and carry on with your lives to continue with the legacy he has left behind.

May he rest in peace

The above was my personal tribute to the late Santhanasamy at his 40th day memorial on 31 May 2016

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Holy Week Triduum 2016

The triduum of Holy Thursday today, Good Friday and Easter signify important virtues that were portrayed by Jesus in the most impressive way by his Passion,death and resurrection.

Image result for pope francis washing inmates feet 
The washing of the feet of his apostles on Holy Thursday was an act of extreme humility that Jesus wants us to emulate in our own lives. “If I, then, the Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you must wash each other's feet”(John13:14).

Pope Francis washed the feet of prisoners and vagabonds to highlight the humility that Jesus wanted to show us. How willing are we to wash the feet of others, especially those under our care and less fortunate than us?

On Good Friday tomorrow we commemorate the Passion of Christ that led to his most brutal crucifixion. In His agonizing Passion and death on the cross he demonstrated his forgiveness towards even those who insulted and persecuted him in the cruelest form. Instead of retaliating with anger and vengeance he reacted with love and forgiveness. As he hung on the cross dying he could still say, “Father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing”(Luke 23:34).This is something no ordinary man can and will do.

The Holy Week culminates in the resurrection of Jesus that symbolizes his victory over death and sin, His resurrection gives us hope that if we continue to do his will and suffer as a result we too will one day come out victorious over the evils in our hearts.


Jesus accepted the persecution and humiliation of his Passion willingly without anger and hatred for those who inflicted pain and insult on him.

How do we react towards those who hurt us, insult us and even plot our downfall? How do we react towards those who betray us, punish us unjustly and rob us of our possessions, peace and happiness? Do we harbor hatred and anger against those who have hurt us? Are we willing to forgive those who have hurt us? Are we willing to go out of the way to seek forgiveness from those we have hurt?

Image result for helping the poor and needy 

Today one of the main sickness in our society is apathy that was illustrated by Pontius Pilate in dealing with the trial and sentencing of Jesus. We may be too busy with our work and struggling to make ends meet. We may be too busy to earn to support our family as the cost of living has escalated to levels beyond our reach. In this process we tend to forget those less fortunate than us. We become devoid of feelings for others who may be in pain and agony. They may not need money but just our time, our smile and some comforting words which we find hard to give.

Then there are those who are treated unjustly in our midst, our colleagues and subordinates. They are overworked, underpaid and rights denied and even abused. We may be in a position to do or at least say something in their support but we are too afraid and remain silent.

The triduum is not about feeling sorry for Jesus for his agonizing death on the cross. It is a time to reflect on our attitude towards others with regards to humility and forgiveness. It is about compassion towards others who are less fortunate than us, to feel for them and do the little we can to support them in whatever way we can. Finally it is about giving some hope to those who feel hopeless.

Have a Holy and Blessed Holy Week and a joyous Easter