Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Reflection – HOPE

Easter Reflection – HOPE

Tomorrow is Easter, the last day of the Tridium and the theme is HOPE

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus after his heath on the cross. It signifies hope in our fight over sin.

Yes, truth will be tested and persecuted but it will finally win as if it doesn't then there is no God. Easter gives us hope that if we continue to fight sin we will triumph one day and that day will be Easter for us too.

All of us are being tried for something wrong in our life and if we realize it and change ourselves, then we can be assured that God will be with us. If we continue to persist in doing right despite all the setbacks and troubles, we will triumph one day. This is the meaning of Easter for us.

Today there are many who doubt the resurrection of Jesus. They find no scientific evidence for it. However despite elaborate investigations they cannot yet prove it did not take place. To me that is irrelevant. Jesus was true, his teachings were true and his death was true. This enough to make him alive in me.Yes,he is alive in the hearts of men whom we fail to see.

On this Easter let us continue to fight the evil in our hearts and around us - selfishness, hatred, jealousy, pride, arrogance, lust, immorality and most of all indifference to the suffering those around us. Let us continue the fight with hope that one day we will triumph like Jesus.

"If you continue to do the right thing under troubled times, God will be on your side when it matters most" - anonymous