Sunday, February 26, 2006

Let's stand up to injustice

Let’s emulate Mary to fight injustice

The article “Standing under the cross” by Fr.Ron Rolheiser (Herald, Jan 29,06) seems to be very relevant to us, Christians and other minority group, in Malaysia today. The last paragraph summarizes the actual situation we are in and what we should do as Christians.

“Sometimes darkness has its hour and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Sometimes the blind, wounded forces of jealousy, bitterness, violence, and sin cannot, for that moment, be stopped. But, like Mary under the cross, we are asked to "stand" under them, not in passivity and weakness, but in strength, knowing that we can't stop the crucifixion but we can help stop some of the hatred, anger, and bitterness that surround it”.

Lately a number of ugly incidents in the country appear to show that a sense of hatred is being instilled against those of differing race or faith.

We are denied our constitutional rights as equal citizens in our own beloved country in the fields of education, job opportunities and in religious practice.

We witness today the very laws and practices that were so dear to us being blatantly trampled upon with no reprisal from the governing enforcement authorities. The people whom we elected to protect our rights fail us miserably. Our peaceful protests and sincere suggestions for reform not only fall on deaf years but at times backfires as being branded racist.

The final outcome is fear and anxiety over what is in store for us in the future. As victims of these abuses we, watch helplessly as our hopes and aspirations are crucified on the cross of injustice and repression.

Unfortunately abuses of similar nature have also crept into our Catholic communities. We witness the abuses of the over-dominating spouse, the tyrant parents, the disobedient and rebellious children, the unreasonable and over-demanding boss in the work place and the dictator-like priests and church leaders.

We too, like Mary, are not able to stop the crucifixion but should stand under the cross in silent prayer to absorb the anger and hatred that ensues from these abusive acts. At the same time let us rid of all evil and greed from our hearts.

With so much of problems surrounding us today, our priests have gone into “hiding” for two long weeks to reflect and deliberate on the past and present and subsequently to plan the future destiny of our church in Malaysia.

We hope and pray that when they return, we will recognize the rekindled glow of the love of Christ in them, ready to be shared with us all so that we can together build a better Malaysai for all.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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