Sunday, February 26, 2006

Politicians cause of racial segregation

Religion being used for political reasons

At last,Datuk Mohd Nazri, the minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, has admitted the shocking fact that politicians have used Islam for fishing votes at the expense and detriment of the nation. The greater shock is the admission that they have done despite them not believing in it (Malaysiakini,Feb.23)

It is very sad that today our politicians have to resort to use religion for their misguided political ambitions. By doing so the sanctity of the religion is trampled upon. Little due they realize that they are doing a disservice to their own faith.
His advice is for secular minded Muslims is to speak up. There are millions of these people but the government prefers them to remain silent. In fact if it is really serious in the voice of the silent majority, it should give more pace for freedom of expression of their opinion and suggestions.

In fact every criticism of the administration, of whatever nature, is cleverly manipulated by the powers- that- be into racial or religious ones thereby silencing the public. In fact the Malaysian public displays more tolerance and restraint despite being subjected to the frequent assaults by the politicians in this respect.

Lawyer, Haris Ibrahim, rightly pointed out that we may be held to ransom by Islamic hardliners and we don’t want to surrender this beautiful nation to a few people or hardliners who pretend to speak for the majority. In fact it is true, not only in Islam but issues as well, that the more aggressive and vociferous minority dominates the politics of every organization with no consideration for the real masters, the rakyat.

Unless we understand and follow the true precepts of our faiths, abuses of these misguided minorities would continue to rule and no reason or logic would make any sense to them.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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