Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Post PMPCIII disappointment

PMPCIII anticlimax

Finally the long-awaited PMPC III is over. About 600 representatives from all three dioceses took part in the 3-day deliberations that is supposed to charter the course of our Church in Malaysia over the next 10 years.

For months we were asked to pray, which we all did earnestly for the success of this Convention. Special prayers were included during all the Sunday masses. We asked God, through the Holy Spirit to guide our clergy and lay leaders to come up with definite concrete plans for the building of His Kingdom here in Peninsula Malaysia .

There was so much publicity and hype beforehand, but unfortunately the PMPC III itself was an anticlimax. We eagerly awaited some news of the outcome of the Convention but at the first post-PMPC III Sunday Mass, in many of the parishes, I understand nothing was mentioned about the deliberations and decisions at the meeting either from the priests or lay leaders who participated in this historic event. It was a real disappointment to all Catholics who prayed so enthusiastically for the success of the PMPC III.

This goes a long way to illustrate the degree of importance given to the lay members of the Church. We are continuously being reminded that “We are the Church” and “Being with the Church” but where it really matters we are totally ignored. How can we expect to build the true Kingdom of Christ when we do not reach out to the ordinary members of the Church?

Dr.Chris Anthony

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