Friday, October 06, 2006

Christians must be catalysts of change

6 October 2006

We must come down from the pedestal of comfort

I was touched by a story that I came across in my readings recently. I like to share it with others as well.

It was about a poor man from the state of Orissa, India who was afflicted with AIDS and is need of money for the treatment. He sought the aid of the various government and non-government agencies for financial assistance. As usual,being a poor illiterate citizen he failed in all his attempts. He finally decided to write personally to the Indian President, Abdul Kalam.

With the help of a friend he managed to write a letter, in his own native language, appealing for help to finance his treatment. The presidential palace staff got it translated into English and forwarded the letter to the president.

On reading the letter the president was so touched by its contents that he immediately sent his own personal contribution of Rupees 20,000. When the Orissa State authorities came to know about the personal donation of the president, they quickly mobilized their resources to help the AIDS victim.

The action of Abdul Kalam,the highest officer in the country, inspired the state officers to be more considerate to the needs of their own citizens.He was the catalyst of change in them.

Like Abdul Kalam, we too must come down from the pedestal of comfort, to help those in need.

As Christians we too must be the catalyst of change and a conscience in the hearts of people around us. We may not be up to the level of Mother Teresa or Pope John Paul II, but we in own our little ways must be that conscience for others in our families, place of work and those around us.

As parents are we the conscience for our children to keep away from immoral activities? As superior officers are we the conscience for our subordinates? As priests are we the conscience for the lay parishioners?

As Christians have we been the catalyst of change for the better. If not we must start to become the catalyst now.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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