Sunday, October 08, 2006

Whose is the Church?

6 October 2006

It was encouraging to read about the Silver Jubilee celebration of Msgr. Stephen Liew (Herald,September 24).

As members of his flock, we extend our greetings of sincere love from the very bottom of our hearts. We too would like to congratulate him and continue to pray that God will give him many more years of healthy life in serving Him.

Msgr. Stephen Liew must be very lucky to have about 60 priests and bishops to concelebrate the Mass participated by a huge crowd of the faithful on the occasion of his Silver Jubilee of his priesthood. It is indeed gratifying to realize the great honour they have for him.

Not all of us are as lucky and gifted as Msgr. Stephen Liew as we rarely have the honour of a single priest to participate in similar occasions of ours, happy or sad. The priest, whom we long for especially in times of sorrow, to console and encourage us, is never there.

The Catholic Church, founded on the teachings of Christ, is a Church of the masses but unfortunately today it is increasingly being seen as the Church of the clergy, the rich and the powerful.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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