Monday, December 04, 2006

Evangelism in the modern world - response

Dr. Chris Anthony:

First oif all I pray to God in order that He may Give you His Love and Peace.

I read on Internet your article regarding "Evangelism" and let me tell you this:

You can't mix oil and water, you can't mix light and darkness, you can't mix true and lie.
You article it's a mix of something that is true and something that is a lie.

You are right when you say that Christians must live as Christians, we have to be a living testimony on what we believe and, most of all, to love anyone, no matter if he/she is rich or poor, white or black, Catholic or non-catholic, american or hispanic, socialist or capitalis and so on. God loves us, we have to love as a command and a necessity, I'd like to say.

You are wrong about your opinion that in our modern world we don't have to say to nobody that our Religion (our beautiful and exceptional Catholic Religion) is the best or the only one, for there are a lot of religions and beliefs. Let mer ask you this. Which is the ONLY Religion whose Founder was God? You are right! Catholicism! Other religions , name any, had men as founders. That's the only reason (actually I have several other reasons) I do believe that our Religion is THE ONLY TRUE for God never makes mistakes.

You are wrong because there are a lkot of people (unfortunely catholic people among them) that NEED to be evangelized. O.K. Let's say that never with fear, slaverhood or death, for that is anything else but Christian.

I always have said it: american catholics are deepened in a Protestant Culture. That's the problem with a lot of catholics, here in the United States and - unfortunely - in some Latin American countries. Too bad and so sad.

I could keep telling you a lot of things regarding your wrong words but I believe that this is all, just for the momen.

God bless you and keep your Faith alive.

Manuel Morales.

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