Monday, May 14, 2007

Limbo, a real let down

Are we being taught the TRUTH?

It is encouraging that with the approval of Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican’s International Theological Commission has effectively buried the concept of limbo. The commission's report rightly pointed out that God wants all human beings to be saved. Not only innocent babies but all human beings living in grace should not be excluded from being eligible to enter heaven. Christ loves all and is merciful to all, even sinners and those who do not believe in him. His forgiveness is extended all regardless of race, religion and social status.

It is however surprising to know that after all these years, limbo was never formally part of Church doctrine. It is really puzzling then why we were made to believe in its existence. With limbo being non-existent, infant baptism as practiced now, becomes irrelevant.

We hope the Church, under Pope Benedict XVI, would also review a number of other such believes that do not stand the test of time and logic. Some of these would be original sin and its inheritance, the creation of Adam and Eve, purgatory and so on.

In fact some of our established believes are not only incompatible with, but may even be contrary to, the teachings if Jesus himself. His teaching was very simple and basic to be grasped by even poor fishermen. Over the centuries we seem to have complicated it so as to make it beyond the comprehension of the ordinary person. Today it has become so sophisticated that even people with tertiary education have difficulty in understanding the true teachings of Jesus.

It is very unfortunate that we seemed to have placed Jesus on a majestic pedestal where the poor and downtrodden masses do not have access.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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