Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jesus “stolen” from church

I read with interest the report “Sacred vessels stolen from church” which appeared in the Star, August 17 ,2007.

According to the report parishioners attending the early morning mass at the Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church in Ipoh were shocked to find that its sacred relics were missing. Thieves had broken into the building and carted away the church’s tabernacle containing its five sacred vessels worth RM5,000.

I was surprised that the parishioners and the parish priest were more interested in the loss of the five vessels in the tabernacle worth RM5,000, rather than their contents which is priceless – consecrated hosts representing Christ himself.

This incident, is not just a theft, but is a real test of our faith by Jesus. His coming to us in Holy Communion should be the source of the strength and zeal to pass Him to those around us and not lock him up in the confines of the church and the tabernacle only to be visited whenever we have problems.

Jesus is always out there alive in the world, in our midst and especially in the people around us including the thieves who “stole” Him from the church.

Dr.Chris Anthony Butterworth

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