Monday, September 10, 2007

Serving God in men

God is waiting to be served

There was once a holy man who worked as a church keeper in a small town. He devoted much of his life to serving God in the church. He spent most of his time praying in the church and attending to those in need whenever they ring the church bell. His ambition in life was to see God one day which he never achieved even after many years of dedicated and loyal service to Him.

One day he was suddenly granted his wish that he prayed for all his life. While he was praying in the church, suddenly Jesus appeared before him. Filled with joy and happiness, he started to talk to Him. Before he could start his conversation proper the church bell rang indicating there was someone who needs help.

The church keeper requested God to wait for him as he rushed out to attend to the person who rang the bell. There was a dirty looking beggar at the church entrance who wanted food and some clothes. Preoccupied with feeding the beggar and giving out some clothes to him, he forgot that God was waiting for him inside the church. After settling with the beggar he quickly ran back into the church. To his surprise Jesus was still waiting for him.

He apologetically thanked Jesus for patiently waiting for him. He was more surprised at what Jesus replied.

“I waited for you just not because of your devotion to me but because of your concern for the poor beggar. You left me to unselfishly serve someone in need.”

With those words Jesus left the holy man.

This story illustrates what happens to us daily in our lives. Every day we pray earnestly for God to come to us to solve our problems. We do all sort of things to reach Him – pray, fast, attend mass every Sunday without fail, receive all the Sacraments and even travel all over in pilgrimage. Despite all these good deeds very often we get disappointed that He does not come to us at all.

Preoccupied with serving God we forget that He is waiting for us to in disguise in those around us. He is waiting to be served in our inconsiderate spouse, rebellious children, jealous colleagues, stubborn subordinates, the poor, the marginalized and even our enemies.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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