Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our Christian leaders mustn't be hypocrites?

A message to our Christian leaders

Malaysiakini Dec 24, 07 5:04pm

It is with great sadness I learn that Christian leaders are continuing their “business as usual” attitude despite the terrible injustices happening in our country. The Christian Federation of Malaysia will be holding its Christmas high-tea reception at the Rumah Uskup Agung in Kuala Lumpur on Christmas day. It will be hosted by the Roman Catholic Church’s archbishop of Kuala Lumpur and his guests of honour are Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his wife.

The presence of other cabinet ministers and foreign dignitaries will make it a good opportunity for Christian leaders to speak out against the unfair treatment of the good citizens of Malaysia whose only crime was to seek the truth to be revealed. They should speak out against mainstream newspapers that only report one-sided stories.

The mainstream media never gave the Hindraf lawyers arrested under the Internal Security Act or any opposition leaders the opportunity to tell their side of the story. Why is it that we Malaysians never ever hear Bersih, Hindraf or opposition leaders speak, not even during election campaigns? What little opportunities these people have to speak are disturbed by raids because police permits were not granted for the occasion. Yet there is no shortage of permits available for BN leaders’ gatherings.

Christian leaders should question why newspapers downplay or neglect to report important news such as the recent amendment to the Federal Constitution to extend the term of Election Commission chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman. Amending the Federal Constitution is a very serious matter. Here, it is being amended for one man and extends beyond a single general election. That in itself begs the question of the next general election’s fairness.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Christian leaders are proliferating this belief that they should speak up against injustices only when it concerns their faith and religion. As a Christian, I know this is not the message preached by Jesus Christ. In fact, Jesus accused such people as hypocrites and “white-washed tombs” that are beautiful on the outside but filled with dead bones inside.

This Christmas, as we remember the birth of our saviour, I hope all Christians will speak up and pray for those unfairly imprisoned for standing up for the truth and for this nation to return to the path of righteousness. Let the church bells toll on Christmas day in honour of the sacrifices of all Malaysians who are being persecuted for standing up for truth and justice.

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malayamuda said...

Looks like all our leaders at every level are only looking at their own backs.

No one is interested in speaking up for the truth to uphold justice.

Leaders occupy high office and rub shoulders with the elite. The rakyat are left to fend for their selves and fight for their rights on their own.