Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Senior minister in sex scandal

What message are we sending to the younger generation?

The sex scandal of Health Minister,Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek, is not only very unfortunate but distressing as well. It may be a personal affair which we have no right to probe. But a wrong cannot become right just because it is personal and private. Moreover he is no ordinary person but a senior minister and a doctor who yields tremendous influence on the public, especially the younger generation. Instead of being a shining example for the younger generation, unfortunately his adulterous behaviour has become an example of what our children should not follow.

The cabinet, being the highest governing body, should take the lead in paving the way for good morals and values not just by words but actions as well. If people in high places do not behave by set norms, how can we expect the ordinary citizen to do so? What is happening to our country that is supposed to be religious and moral? Have immoral activities become an accepted way of life? Have illicit sex and adultery, like corruption; become an accepted way of life?

Christians, in fact Malaysians of all faiths, are seen to be becoming increasingly more religious. But are we genuinely more spiritually inclined? Of late immoral sexual activities, crime and corruption are becoming so rampant that it is threatening to become a norm. Although we say they are evil and even sinful, but we seem to contradict that by glorifying those, especially the rich, powerful and glamorous, who indulge in them. Despite their immoral lives, they become role models for our children, which is really a deplorable. It is ironical that such immoral activities if committed by the ordinary people is frowned at but glorified if indulged by the rich and powerful.

Today immoral sexual activities are so rampant that it is threatening the sanctity of the sacrament of matrimony. We seem to be losing in the fight to uphold morality in a world where casual and free sex is becoming a norm. Christ’s teachings appear to become irrelevant in the lives of the young. What can the Church do to counter this unchristian trend that spreading so fast. The Church, in keeping with the teachings of Christ, should continue to condemn all acts of immorality regardless of the social standing of the perpetrator. At the same time it should be willing to forgive all those who genuinely repent.

As parents, teachers, clergy, elders and community leaders, we have the obligation to instill the moral values that are badly lacking in our children. Let us ask ourselves "Are we the right role models for our children? Are we showing them the right examples in life?” If we cannot lead them by example, who else can? How can we expect them to become better humans if they cannot find someone to show them the way?

It is time for Malaysians to seriously think about whom they will elect as their representatives in the coming general elections. Do you want the immoral and corrupt to decide our destiny? Aren’t we mature enough to choose the right people to lead the nation?

Dr.Chris Anthony

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