Monday, November 16, 2009

BBC Have Your Say - Is the Catholic Church a Force For Good? (Part 1/3)

This was the discussion telecast on BBC on 15 November 2009.

It is quite disheartening to hear the negative perception of our Church in the minds of the people in the world .Being a born Catholic it is painful to witness the declining influence of the Church in the world today.

We were once the symbol of Christ's love for mankind.We have lost everything we had.We have been reduced to any other secular organization where greed, hatred,jealousy and revenge have become rampant.

May be it is time for us to tale a serious look at ourselves as the Church.Where are we heading to?

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Unknown said...

Yes Dr.Chris I have to agree with what you have commented with regards to our Catholic Church in the world today. It is a very sad state of affairs. But I think that we cannot ignore the fact that a serious problem is rearing it's ugly head right here in our very own parish.