Thursday, September 02, 2010

Prayer for NBVM

Father we humbly come to you in prayer for our Parish of NBVM
Which has been thrown into crisis by the actions of our beloved Parish Priest
Father you alone know how eagerly we waited for our priest
You alone know how much hope we had placed in him
You alone know how much respect and love we had for him
But all these were shattered by him who listened to a few to despise the many
And destroyed all that we had painstakingly built, the ministries and the BECs
He got rid of all the serving leaders unceremoniously, hurting them to the core
And replaced them with people of his choice without any consultation whatsoever
He beautifully preached the Word of God but failed to show us how to live by it
Today our parish which we toiled to build over the years has been shattered and torn
Everywhere we go people are talking bad about the priest whom we thought was the savior of NBVM
Lord this unhealthy situation must change and change we are willing
Give our priest the wisdom to see us as the people of God
Waiting for him to lead us out of this cruel and materialistic world
To the Promised Land where the good will rule for all eternity
Make him not see us as his adversaries but comrades in spreading God’s love to all
Lord give us the heart to reach out to him with love and concern
Heavenly Mother be with us in our struggle to return NBVM back to its good old days
Give us the strength and courage to weather this storm to build God’s Kingdom here in our parish
Where love and goodwill will prevail once more
We ask this though Christ our Lord


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