Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tribute to the late Mdm.June Chin

Mdm.June Chin returns to the Lord

Parishioners of NBVM have lost one of their illustrious daughters, the late June Ng Yoke Lin or Mrs. June Chin as she is fondly called by her friends. She was called to the Lord on 27 September 2011 after a long battle wit cancer.

I got acquainted with her for the last 3 years or so when she used to come for treatment at my hospital. I still remember the first time she walked into my office to congratulate me for my writings to the Herald and the Star. Later she not only became a good friend but like a mother advising me on many issues in the church.

She was an active member of the charismatic group and very talented in sharing of the word of God. The two greatest attributes in her that impressed me most were her resilience in fighting her fatal illness and her unshakable faith God even till the final days of her life.

As we bid farewell to Mdm.June,let’s pray for her beloved husband, that God will give him the courage to continue his journey alone without her. Let us emulate him in the wonderful way he cared for her till her death.

The following is a short tribute to the lady whom my wife and I will miss for a long time

The Final Goodbye

When we heard the news of your demise we was shocked but not surprised

You may be gone but your memories remain vivid in our minds

We do not know from where you came or how you came to us but in that period we knew you, you have left a lasting impression in our hearts

We were impressed by the way you fought for over fifteen years the fatal illness that inflicted you

We were touched by the unshakable faith in God despite your terminal illness till the final days of your life

Your resilience in the long fight against cancer has given us inspiration and courage to meet the many challenges that come our way.

Now you may be gone but we will continue to cherish the many pleasant and happy moments we had with you in the hospital and at home

We pray that God grant you eternal rest where you will join Him in glory with His angels and saints

May your soul rest in peace


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