Friday, December 07, 2012

Remembering the late Mdm.Mary Tan

Lessons from life of late Mdm.Lam Chee Chun 

Mdm.Lam Chee Chun ( Mrs. Mary Tan),the wife of Mr.James Tan was laid to rest on  6 December 2012.Her sudden and untimely demise came as a great shock to her family and us and indeed we have lost a great friend. As we bid farewell to her, it is time for us to reflect on how she influenced our lives. Why did she come into our lives? Why God did send her into our lives? 

I came to know Mdm.Lam about 5-6years ago after her husband had a heart attack and underwent a cardiac bypass surgery. From then on his condition continued to deteriorate and he spent most of his time in and out of hospital. During these years of her husband’s deteriorating medical condition she was always at his side, attending to his needs in the hospital, at home and wherever he went. She was not just a wife but his driver, companion and friend day and night.  

At the age of 67,her husband’s illness took a great toll on her, physically, mentally and spiritually but she took it all in a stride, always appearing cheerful and portraying a sense of hope. Whenever I visited them in their home, where they stayed alone, she was always cheerful and freely talked about her husband’s peculiarities and stubbornness in not wanting to listen to her. She was aware of the seriousness of his   health but I never heard her complaint about the difficulties she was going through with his illness over so many years. I suppose that was due to the tremendous faith she had in God, that He will never forsake her.  

To me Mdm.Lam was an example of a dedicated wife to her husband even in times of serious illness till her death. Her extreme patience in serving him, sacrificing her likes and conveniences, for so such a long time, are a rare commodity these days that really touched and inspired me.

Let’s pray for the repose of her soul and pray especially for the speedy recovery of her beloved husband who has been left lonely and lost without her by his side. Let’s pray that God give him the strength and courage to continue alone with his children in his journey on earth touching everyone who crosses his path.

The death of Mdm.Lam is a great loss to her husband and children.We too have lost a great friend and a fellow parishioner,who was ever ready to offer her services whenever required.She may be gone but her memories will continue to live on in our hearts for years to come 

May Mdm.Lam’s soul rest in peace.

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