Wednesday, May 01, 2013

GE 13 - our moral obligation to vote
Just 4 days more and we will have to make one of the most important decisions in our lives - who to vote in this 13GE on 5/5. In this 13GE we have to choose mainly between maintain BN and changing to PR.
As Christians, we know what Jesus stood for - truth and righteousness, love and compassion for all of mankind. He demonstrated these to the extreme – to accept death to stand up uncompromising for truth and injustice
Factors to consider on making our choice in this crucial 13GE :
1.We have to vote to end triad of evil - corruption, abuse of power and racism.
2.Justice.The people especially the poor need justice, treated with dignity and fairly as Malaysians.
3.We need freedom to do what we believe is right including freedom of   worship
4.We need unity and goodwill among the different races and religions. We need to be treated equally and not abused and insulted for being different in color and creed
5.We need a free media to question and expose every wrong at the corridors of power. We need an independent media to reveal the truth, however deeply it may hurt.
We have to choose the party that will fulfill all these aspirations of the people. Considering all these, as a Christian I don't think we have any choice but to vote for change, a change that will bring the dawn of a new Malaysia with a better system of governance to regain our past glory as united, progressive and peace-loving nation.
Let’s ask God to give us the wisdom to make the right choice on 5/5.Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to inspire us as we mark that most important ‘X’ in our life.

Let’s  VOTE WISELY. Let’s Vote for change

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