Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Prayer for our nation in crisis

Lord, our Father Almighty, today our beloved country is in total turmoil, social, economic and political. The country that we were born and love so much in going through very difficult times. There is economic and political instability, injustice, racial discrimination and massive corruption. There is blatant abuse of power and the breakdown of law and order. The very people entrusted to protect us are threatening to harm us. There is breakdown of our cherished value system. Our system of justice has broken down. We are now living in fear, anxiety and hopelessness. The country that we slogged for with the hope it will give us a bright future for us and our children is now turning into a place of despair and possible doom.
In this depressing situation we turn to you Lord for your divine intervention to deliver us from all harm, evil and doom. Enlighten the minds of our leaders to lead us in the right direction. Grant them the wisdom to do the right thing for the people. Grant us peace and racial and religious unity and harmony.
Guide our people to shun away all forms greed and extremism and lead them in the path of righteousness, adopting goodwill and love for fellow Malaysians especially of different race and creed. Help us to get rid of the racist tendencies in our hearts and replace all hatred, suspicion and jealously with love, forgiveness and peace.
Lord look on us with mercy and forgive all our wrongs and return us and our nation back into the path of righteousness and peace. Grant peace and justice for every citizen and make us embrace one another in the brotherhood of love and compassion. 
In you we place our hope and trust.
God bless Malaysia

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