Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday 2016

Courage and hope in an environment of fear and injustice

Today Christians celebrated Palm  Sunday, remembering the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.We waved palms as the priest led the congregation in procession into the church where the passion was read.

Palm Sunday should mean more than just waving palms and shouting Hosana. It should mean more than just reading the Passion and feeling sorry for the suffering of Jesus.

Palm Sunday should mean courage to do the right in an environment of evil. It should mean courage to stand for truth and justice in an environment of false and injustice and hippocricy.

It is a day to open our hearts to allow Jesus ride into our lives to give us that courage which is badly  lacking in our society today and sadly even in our church.

This is especially so today in our country which is in turmoil as  evil seem to rule over good,in the "Cash is King" policy.

When everything seem to go wrong we need hope,we need courage and and most of all humility.These are what Jesus demonstrated on Palm Sunday.

Jesus was ready to take up his cross but are we ready to take up ours?

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