Thursday, April 13, 2017

Holy Thursday Reflection

On Holy Thursday today we observe a very important gesture of Jesus before his Passion and death on the Cross,his last supper with his disciples when he washed their feet,including the feet of Judas whom he knew will betray him soon.

To me this action of Jesus is a symbol of great humility which is a lesson for all of us.He showed us that this humble act is unconditional as even the so called ememy,Judas, received the same treatment.

During the mass today the priest repeats the gesture of Jesus as he washes the feet of 12 members in the parish.While this gesture is commendable but it would far significant those selected for the ritual are also those so called “enemies” or Judas in the parish.

Let us not take this washing of the feet as just a annual wiil ritual to please God but as a lesson for each one of us in our lives.It should be a lesson on humility to“wash” the feet of our own subordinates and those who may even be against us.

Today in our lives we too have many “Judas”, are we willing to go down to wash their feet?Are we willing to forgive them and accept them back into our lives?This the greatest challenge we face as we celebrate Holy Thursday today.

Have blessed and meaningful Holy Thursday

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