Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ninth Malaysia Plan(9MP)

Let’s pray for just implementation of 9MP

The Ninth Malaysia Plan(9MP) has been unveiled in parliament by Prime Minister,Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.There has been an overwhelming support for him from citizens of all walks of life.

One encouraging factor is his pledge that the 9MP will benefit every citizen, regardless of their race, religion and political alignment. This has given a ray of hope for us, the minorities, after all these years. It is also heartening to note that the Prime Minister himself has taken a deep personal interest in this plan and that he would go to the ground to monitor its implementation.

As citizens we must give whole hearted support to the prime minister and his team in ensuring the fair and just implementation of the 9MP. There should be no doubts in the minds of those involved in implementing the 9MP that the rakyat, regardless of race or creed, should be the ultimate benefactor of all the projects of the 9MP.

Public participation is of utmost importance in its delivery and in ensuring its success. All departments involved in the 9MP should be open to scrutiny and public feedback. This is an opportunity for us as Christians to offer feedback and suggestions and express our frustrations as members of the minority group. We must mobilize all our resources to provide the feedback and claim our rights as equal citizens of the nation.

Sad to say the church does not take a proactive role in the affairs of the state. We seem to be happy to just attend mass week after week and are not perturbed by what is happening around us. If we continue to be complacent, soon we would become irrelevant in the national agenda. The church must create this awareness among its congregation as it is vital to apply Christ’s teachings to what is happening around us.

Let us pray that God would guide the hearts and minds of all the officers involved in implementing the 9MP to carry out their duties without prejudice and ethnic discrimination. May they be guided by the Almighty to consider everyone as equal citizens of our beloved country, without mistrust and suspicion.

In this context, as Christians, we must take the lead. As we ask the government to implement its policies fairly, let us also examine ourselves to see whether we are doing the same to those under our care and those we deal with everyday.

Dr.Chris Anthony


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