Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Peninsula Malaysia Pastoral Convention III

Laity’s pre-PMPC III

The delegates to the laity pre PMPC III would be gathering at the end of April 2006 for their convention. As they go into their deliberations at the convention, our prayers will be with them, for its success.

We pray that God would enlighten their minds and give them all the necessary wisdom and courage to come up ideas and solutions to the many pressing problems of the Church today.

There is a general feeling among Catholics that the church today is slowly moving away from the true teachings of Christ. We hope the convention would provide the opportunity for open and constructive dialogue in the spirit of Christ.

Some of the present issues that need to addressed are: 1. Promoting unity and racial integration in the church 2. The declining morality among the youth 3. Creating awareness of the current socio-political developments in the country 4. Promoting Christian education that is on the decline 5. Promoting and developing BECs as basic functional units in the parish

I feel these issues need to be urgently addressed. The future of our church in Malaysia will depend on the how we address these problems today. We need all the feedback, ideas and opinion from every member of the church, either active or inactive.

The church authorities must make available avenues for this feedback and be open to them especially criticisms which are meant for the betterment of the catholic community as a whole.

Dr.Chris Anthony

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