Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday Reflection

Good Friday Reflection - Forgiveness

Today is Good Friday,the second day of the Holy Tridium.Theme for today is FORGIVENESS & Unselfish Sacrifice.

Jesus had these in abundance which He showed by his death on the Cross

As usual it is time for us to reflect on our own lives :

1.Are we willing to seek and grant forgiveness?No sin was too big for God to forgive so why should we refuse to forgive anyone for thier sins?
2.Jesus even forgave all those who crucified Him so cruelly so why should we not forgive those who harm us?
3.Jesus sacrificed His life for us at the prime of His life,so why should we not sacrofice a little of our likes for the sake of others,especially for those who love us so much - our spouse, parents,children, friends and relatives and for the despised and oppressed? If we are not willing to sacrifice for those who love us how can we do so who those who hate us?

On this Good Friday, let us resove to get rid of the ill-feelings for others from our hearts not only for those who love us but also for those who hate us. and planning our downfall.Remember the words of Jesus just before He died on the cross,"Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing"

Remember man only plans but God is the one who decides.

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