Thursday, April 05, 2012

Holy Thursday 2012 - A reflection

Humility to correct our wrongs

Today is Holy Thursday - the first day of the Holy Tridium.

The theme of Holy Thursday is HUMILITY as exemplified by Jesus washing the feet of his apostles.

It is a time for us to reflect on how humble we are in dealing with those around us especially those under our care. Jesus said, “If I, then, the Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you must wash each other's feet “John13:14). We claim to be followers of Jesus but are humble enough to wash the feet of those around us?

It is very distressing that today in our haste to satisfy our needs we tend to wash the feet of others who are in need. We also forget those who washed our feet before when we were dependent on them.

Even children forget their own parents who washed their feet everyday without fail when they were small. Today when they older and can stand on their feet they forget the very people who washed their feet on which they stand today. Gratitude to those who sacrificed for us is indeed the greatest form of humility which many of us lack.

Let us examine our conscience ask Jesus to grant us the humility to:

1.Admit our mistakes and resolve not to repeat them
2.To get out of our sinful lives and repent
3.Understand the plight of those under our care
4.Empathize with the suffering of the poor and oppressed
5.Feel sorry for those whom have hurt and are suffering due to our selfish acts.
6.Sympathize with those whom we have betrayed and let down especially those who had placed all their trust and hopes on us

We are all humans and often succumb to all forms of temptations and wrongs in life. What is more important is to realise our wrongs get out of it and make efforts not to repeat them. For this we need divine help as our human strength alone will not be able to overcome our weaknesses especially in a world surrounded by temptations and evil with little value for good values and deeds.

Our life is our own making and we alone determine our destiny and well being. If we realise that we are doing something wrong we must get out of it quickly and not justify why we should continue doing the wrong as that will be like pressing on the button of self-destruction.

Let us reflect on our lives, our actions and words and try to correct ourselves. Let’s ask God for wisdom to realise wrong from right and the courage to correct the wrongs. Jesus at the Last Supper just before his persecution and death He did the right thing by calling together his apostles and gave them all he had – Himself. Despite knowing he was going to die he still had the courage to be humble to do the right thing.

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