Saturday, March 09, 2013

Brotherly love


My name is Jacob and I live in Nairobi. my parents died in a car accident in 2007 when I was in Form 1 and my little brother was in Grade 3. We were left alone with no one to look after us and I was forced to drop my classes to be a parent to my brother.

I went to a garage where a guy I knew was the mechanic and I pleaded with him to teach me simple mechanic works I could do just to get a coin I to take home. He did and I provided for my brother as I paid for his school fees.

My brother became my everything and everything I thought. I never even had a girlfriend because I feared she would drive my attention away from my brother.He was my only friend. He did his school exams last year and I sent him to the village to spend his holidays there as I look for money to take him to a secondary school because I was sure he will pass as he is a very bright boy.

After one week there,I was called and told that my brother had contracted a flu,the next day I was told that he had cerebral malaria and I decided to go home the next day, before the day ended I was called and told that he had worsened and had been rushed to the nearest hospital.

When I arrived at the home village hospital my brother could barely walk or talk and the doctors gave up hope    and they suggested we look for a spiritual help.
I plead to all his friends and those reading this letter to please pray for my brother. He is everything I have in this world.

This is very touching, a brother sacrificing his everything so that his brother can have the best. All that he has in this world is his little brother who is now struggling for his life. He is not asking for our money but a little prayer to for heal his brother. Let us spare some moments to pray for this unfortunate young man. Let us share this story with everyone we know so that more can pray for him too.


Prayer for Jacob and his brother

Heavenly father look upon Jacob and his ailing brother with mercy and love. Touch him with your healing hand and if it is your will may he getter better to be reunited with the brother he loves and misses most in the world. 

Give strength and courage to Jacob to endure the pain and agony he is going through in his life. His brother is all that he has and may his sacrifices and love for him earn him your love and mercy. 

Continue to strengthen their faith in you and not give up hope for securing your love and mercy.

Jacob’s love is an inspiration for us all. It reminds us that it is not money and comforts that are most important but sincere love for one another especially for those in need.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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