Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope Francis - a ray of hope for the church?

We welcome and congratulate Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio  who is elected the new 266th pope and takes the name Pope Francis I. He comes at a time when the church and the world at large are going through very difficult times. Pope Francis, who hails from Argentina, is definitely going to have a tough time putting his house in order with the numerous scandals involving his clergy. Of late the sex and financial scandals have shaken the Catholic Church as the moral conscience in the hearts of not just Christians but the whole human race. Even the most ardent Catholics are beginning to lose trust in the church for the these scandals are being reported sensationally by the secular media in Europe and US.

The church under Pope Francis has a monumental task to deal with these scandals that have marred its role as the moral judge in the world. From a strong moral enforcer, the church became reduced to a helpless spectator of moral decay over the last few centuries and today sadly it stands accused of the very sins it is supposed to fight. Will the new Pope have the will and energy to re-elevate the church to its traditional role it played in the world for so many centuries?

The church in general is slowly losing touch with the ordinary man in today's complex world. Can the new Pope restore the trust and regain the relevance of the church in the lives of the people? We hope he can or at least try to do his best in the right direction.

The Church urgently needs reforms, really drastic ones, to bring it back into the lives of man once again. These reforms are not about modifying age old rituals or the way we pray and worship but hard measures that reflect truly the virtues of Christ in the world today – love, compassion and humility, which are rapidly being lost from the hearts of man.

Let’s pray that God bless the new Holy Father with good health, vitality and above all great wisdom to lead the church in the right path to peace in a world torn apart by hate, violence, greed, and decaying morality. The church is at crossroads and we hope and pray Pope Francis will be able to work closely with the leaders of the world to chart a new and right course for mankind towards God and His ways.

and His ways

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