Monday, December 16, 2013

A tribute to Pope Francis on his 77th. birthday

A beacon of hope

An ordinary man, an extraordinary Pope

At a time when the world is in utter chaos with violence, hate and lawlessness. When long cherished moral values are fast eroding from the lives of man. When God is increasingly believed to be non-existent or ‘dead”.
When humanity is losing hope for cure for its ills and even the church is in disarray, standing ashamed by its scandals and misappropriations. When its flock is fast losing its direction as a result of misguided shepherds
He has come in like a stranger from the end of the world where few choose to tread. His debut into the trouble world arena is indeed a miracle of God which few can understand
He took over the helms of an age-old Church that was in ruins, fast losing credibility and relevance in the lives of man. He is not God or a saint but his actions are God-like and saintly which has caught the admiration of many, believers and non-believers alike
He pulled the church out of the palace where many stayed in comfort and luxury and took it to the streets among the poor and despised, saying that the Church must be poor like Jesus. For he was he was conferred  the Person of the Year Award
His humility and simplicity has touched the hearts of many especially the downtrodden and marginalized in a world ruled by money, lust and power. He has brought love and comfort to those in pain and dying. His down-to-earth ways have  impressed and moved many within and outside the Church
Within such a short period he managed to bring a little hope for a world that was at the brim of despair where truth and justice appear to be worthless and dying. He is indeed a beacon of hope for the Church and the world
On this 77th birthday we unite with millions around the world to pray that God grant him many more years of good health and vitality. We pray God grant him the wisdom and courage to continue promoting His message of love and goodwill among all men.
We are sure Our Lady, to whom he is so devoted, will always be there at his side to guide and guard him in all that he does.

Papa Francesca we love you and Happy Birthday

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