Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas reflections 2013

Jesus is born in hearts that are humble and poor 
Jesus born in a stable meant for animals
We are now few days from Christmas and many are of us may be busy to celebrate this important day in ways unique to each of us. Parties, dinners and drinks are all part of the celebrations. Many too during this season of Christmas commonly undertake works of charity, visiting orphanages and old folk’s homes with food, gifts and cash. Many of us become very generous during Christmas, which is indeed very encouraging. It is only right and proper for us to celebrate this auspicious day with great joy, but it may also be pertinent for us to reflect on what more should    Jesus born in a stable meant for animals
Christmas mean to us. What does the birth of Jesus mean to us who call ourselves to be his followers?
It is extremely significant that Jesus chose to be born in the wilderness in a stable meant for sheep in the presence of poor shepherds who kept watch over their flock. He could have chosen to be born in a palace among kings and princes, but no, he chose the most humble settings. What was the message he was sending to us by preferring such a poor place to be born? If we want Jesus to be born in us, our hearts too must be humble and poor like the stable in Bethlehem.
Today with a highly sophisticated and technologically advanced world if Jesus were to be born where will he choose to do so? Will it be in a five-star private hospital in a highly developed country or in the slums of a poor underdeveloped and war-torn third world country?
However advanced we are his choice of a poor environment is very significant as it tells us what we should do despite our advancements and wealth in 21st century. Poor and marginalized societies are still there in many places even in rich developed countries and they are there to stay as long as man continues to be driven by greed, selfishness and hate for one another.
In a world that is so fast moving and materialistic today, we tend to forget many things; our humble past and the hard way we have come to be what we are today. We lose touch with the plight of those who do not have food to eat, house to stay and no money for education and healthcare. We forget the many who are suffering from incurable illness, in death beds and those hit by some form of tragedy, natural or man-made. We forget the children without parents and whose families are broken by divorce and infighting among siblings. We forget the elderly sitting in loneliness in old folk’s homes, hospitals and even imprisoned in their own homes where nobody has any time for them.
By being born to poor parents and under impoverished surroundings Jesus may be telling us that He is in the midst of the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the sick and those suffering in pain of sorts. He is telling us to look for him in these people during this season of his birth. It is in reaching out to them can we meet Jesus during this Christmas. As Pope Francis says, Christmas is our opportunity to encounter Jesus in these unfortunate brethren of His.
In the midst of our celebrations of the birth of Jesus, let us pause a little to see where are heading. Let us include the poor and suffering in our celebrations so that they too can experience the joy of the birth of our Savior.

A blessed and meaningful Christmas to all

Video Reflection of Christmas 2013


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