Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Reflections 2014

Today we see evil winning over good. The bad seem to be happy as they continue to have win after win. The good people are being suppressed into pain and suffering, they seem to get one failure after another and all hopes for a better future are vanishing by the day.

This is clearly seen in our country where the rich and powerful continue to get away with blatant abuse of power, corruption and racism. The righteous who are committed to peace are suppressed and punished for doing good. The very people entrusted to defend the people are abusing them.

In our families children who are irresponsible,disobedient and abusive seem to succeed in life whereas those who are caring fail. In our places of work those who 'angkat' the boss are rewarded but those work sincerely and loyally in silence are not appreciated and denied their dues. Even in our parishes such injustice is becoming rampant where ‘political cliques’ form and fight with one another ironically in the name of God. In fact those who want to do good are accused as promoting 'ajaran sesat' and are side-lined.

Today we are living in a world where there is no place anywhere to do good and those who do good are side-lined and at times even abused. For the good, life appears to be gloomy but for the bad it seems to be bright and  promising as they accumulate wealth and more wealth at the expense of the poor.

In the midst of all these frustrations and disappointments we celebrate Easter that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. His rising from dead signifies HOPE at its highest. How does that hope translate into our lives surrounded by an environment of hopelessness?

The mammoth crowds of ordinary citizens of all races who came out to pay their last respects to the late YB Karpal Singh, who is seen as an icon of justice, gives a little hope that good will finally triumph over bad.

As we celebrate this great feast of Easter, let us strengthen our hope in God to deliver us out of the sinful and evil in our lives. Let us strengthen our hope that by continuing to do the right against all the odds against us, He will bring us out into a better and happier future. We need hope and patience that one day good will overcome the bad.

Have a Joyous Easter

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